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IPOL participate in the first Algerian - Ivorian Cost export conference  as sponsor of the event and as  participant  for logistics  part as well.

Many personalities joined this conference, from the both countries governments, the chairmen's and general managers of the elite Algerian industrial companies, like IFRI, Fruital (the Market Leaders of Agro-Alimentary products), business consultants, coaching companies...

The conference was organized by our partner Algerian For Events and Export Er Rowed (AFEEE) together with the Ivorian Part Fédération Nationale des Commerçants de Côte d'Ivoire (FENACCI), and was held in 16th september 2015 inside the Agence Nationale de Promotion du Commerce Extérieur (ALGEX) Conference room. The purpose of the conference as it was explained by Mr KHIATI General Manager of AFEEE and by Mr KEROUI as well co-founder of AFEEE is to discuss the both countries potential, and how we can promote the commercial exchange between African countries and to take actions to break the past obstacles and to learn how to set a mutual benefit cooperation, since in Algeria there are large lines of different products yet known in the African market and there huge demands not yet known from Algeria to be supply to African markets.

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The exchange intra Africa it can be beneficial in all aspect: quality, price and transit Time...

Algerian government was present in the conference in the person of Mr BELAIB who expressed the determination of the presidency to do all best to promote the export out of oil and gas, otherwise we will never break the dependent of national revenue of oil and gas only.

The same engagement was expressed by Mr CHATI the director of ALGEX and all the others as well

From the Ivorian side Mr the ambassador in Algeria,  Mr KOBE director of export cabinets within minister of commerce of Ivory Cost, the president of FENACCI, they all explain that the time come to achieve a real cooperation between both countries.